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Nutrition and WTF to eat.

I have stated repeatedly that I am not much of a cook (TRUTH), so swallow what I am about to tell you with the knowledge that none of it was cooked well.  I did not take pictures of it because my cooking is an embarrassment.  That said, I cannot let that stop me from pursuing greater health.

That little report I did on pastured eggs made me see food entirely differently, ie. now I see it as something I can research and assemble and document and while I cannot fucking cook it well, I sure as shit can figure out what TO eat, if not how to MAKE it.

Last night, for dinner, hubs and I had the following:

Grass fed ground beef patties (pan-fried) – they varied in size, but mine was approx. 4 oz which is correct and is what my numbers below are going to be based on..

Big salad w/ mixed greens, carrots, mushrooms and Greek salad dressing

Cauliflower mash which was 1 head of steamed cauli, a splash of whole milk and a Tbs of butter to help make it creamy

First off, none of this dairy crap is allowed, but I am not believing that 2 or 3 Tbs of milk or butter a day is harmful, especially if divided between two people with some left over for another day.  I will strive for no dairy days, but right now, with my limited skills in the kitchen, making edible food is pretty hard so I have to do what I have to do.

When all is said and done, this meal, including evoo used in cooking and salad dressing, butter, milk, everything, should break down as follows:

483 calories

38.5 grams of fat

6.5 glycemic load

243 ig (or rather, fairly anti-inflammatory)


The hubs liked this meal and I loved it.  This is now on the menu and will be in the rotation.  I can stretch that expensive-ass, grassfed beef ($9/lb) over multiple meals (as long as we eat 4oz portions, of course, which hubs did not do – he had 2.5 times that amount.. working on it…).  We can eat cauliflower mash to our heart’s content and we can eat salad to our heart’s content.  We were full and felt we had enough variety of tastes and textures to feel satisfied.

Since my goal for myself is to eat meat only two times per week, this meal will happily fill one of those slots.  Fish will likely fill the other.  I may swap this beef meal out for a chicken meal once I figure out a decent one to make.

I am happy with this result.  Now I have two healthy meals that I can lean on.

2 down, about 28 to go.


PS. And because I am anal and love school supplies and clearly am too OCD to NOT do so, I put all the nutritional data on index cards by ingredient and then created “meal” cards.  That way, if I ever forget my combos, I can refer to my cards.  And if I want to mix it up, I can always assemble new meals by swapping out cards.  Check me out.


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