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1st visit to the farmer’s market after all my education…

I did end up getting to go the Decatur Farmer’s Market !  So nice!  It was really windy and cold (you know, for Atlanta), but it was still fun. Turns out, I actually like talking to the farmer’s market people and asking them about their stuff.  It was lean pickings, being February and all, but most of the stuff I expected to see was actually there!  This makes me excited for Spring and Summer ventures to the various markets around here.

So I got this stuff:


Butter, raw cheddar cheese, and homemade whole wheat sourdough.

And this stuff:


Local honey, white balsamic dressing/marinade, and basil infused olive oil.  So I’m pretty sure the balsamic and olive oil aren’t local, and these were total impulse purchases.  For fun, you know.  But the honey is local and amazingly delicious.  The honey guy had several different types (flavors?) of honey, all of which could be sampled and the wildflower honey is possibly the best honey I have ever had, hence the jumbo-sized bottle.  Plus, allergy season is coming, so it’s time to start honey loading.

And also, I got this stuff:


Sweet potatoes, green onions, and carrots.  I didn’t get huge amounts of these, because the hubs eats none of this stuff unless I sneak it into a stir fry or something.  I think I’ll probably keep the carrots out for salads and make mashed sweet potatoes for myself.  The green onions I’ll never get through before they go bad unless I slice them and tray freeze them, so that’s the plan there.

Notes on prices:  the veggies are cheap.  The honey is pretty cheap.  The fancy dressings and oils are NOT cheap and not something I would buy with any regularity.  If the basil olive oil is good, I may just make my own this summer, so this purchase was more of an experiment than anything else.  I absolutely SUCK (suckity suck suck) at making salad dressings myself, so I splurged here.  For the record, I do not know why I suck at salad dressings.  Everyone on the internet says it’s so easy and that the dressings taste so good, but mine always taste crappy.  I don’t like store-bought dressings, either, but I love all the restaurant ones, so I don’t know what gives.  I guess I’m incredibly picky about salad dressing.  But every time I say that in public, some helpful soul insists that I should just squeeze lemon on my salad, but I gotta be honest… eh.  At any rate, I’m on a quest to find a good salad dressing recipe.  Any help you can provide would be greatly appreciated.

Anyhoo, back to prices..  the dairy is also not cheap, but if there’s anything I’ve learned, it’s that one should reserve judgement until they’ve tried something (hello, pastured eggs?).  So I will let you know if the jury convicts or acquits on the pricey dairy.

Lessons learned today:

1.  Do not go to the farmer’s market hungry.  You may think that open air markets are exempt from this rule, but they are NOT.

2.  Skip the tables of bottled/prepared stuff, unless you are just looking to blow some money on impulse buys.  I don’t really need them, and really don’t have time to be rationalizing that shit after the fact.

3.  Do try samples of things that you normally do purchase, for example, the honey.  I would’ve bought tupelo honey today, but turns out, the wildflower honey was rocking my world.  I seriously could eat that stuff with a spoon.  I don’t even like honey all that much.  But now I want to find a recipe that calls for tons of honey so I have a vehicle of delivery to my mouth that is not just opening wide and squeezing it in.

4.  Try to have a plan for what sort of stuff you need.  Today is a bad example for me because it was an exploratory mission.  (The honey guy sells pastured chicken eggs, but he always runs out early.  Also, he charges $6/dozen which is exactly what Whole Foods charges, so I guess now I know and can keep it mind.  If I’m at WF and need eggs, great.  If I’m at the market and need eggs, I need to go early.

There you go!



2 thoughts on “1st visit to the farmer’s market after all my education…

  1. Go on a Saturday morning! Much more stuff to choose from on Saturdays. And Thank you, so much. I live in fear that no one knows I’m joking. IRL, too, btw. Not just here. :-/

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