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How are my seedlings, you ask?

I am assuming you asked.  I have no way of knowing for sure that you asked, but I feel the question floating around out there in the universe and I am ever your humble servant.


The wine box seedlings are doing okay.  They have suffered some, not exactly sure of the cause, but I do believe that a cat was involved.  On more than one occasion.  So there are fewer of them.  And some footprints.

The planter of seedlings is doing well!


The cat was involved in this one, too, I’m pretty sure, because there is no evidence on the web anywhere of sprouts jumping up out of the dirt and laying down on their sides like that.  So unless I have some suicidal seedlings, the cat found these guys, as well.

I am now officially hoping for Spring because although I hate hot weather, I really want my little seedlings to LIVE.  LIVE, LITTLE GUYS, LIVE!

And, to that end, I’m having one of the contractors I use a lot at work come and put in a raised garden bed for me this weekend.  He’s cutting me a deal, of course, but I have GOT to get these little buggers out of the house before they are assassinated by curious (and curiously hungry) cats.  I’ll just have to cover the raised bed in plastic or something every night.   Words of advice on this subject are ALWAYS welcome!



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