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Begging for Xanax on other blogs is the 2nd sign…

The first sign that you are in a really, really, really bad mood is yelling at your husband and halfway through actually pausing to wonder what, EXACTLY, is making you so mad.

You will note that I said “halfway”.  As in, I kept going even after I figured out that I had no idea why the hell I was so mad.

Righteous, poorly-placed, anger!

After a few minutes of reflection, I feel bad about it, although what’s done is done.  It’s not like I can wipe it from his memory, so I guess I just need to wipe it from mine.  Which reminded me of the Bloggess‘ (Bloggesses’?) post yesterday about Xanax, as clearly nothing but pharmaceuticals can help me, now.  I had nothing clever, or even remotely valuable, to add to the comments on her site yesterday, but today it occurs to me that my only real thoughts about it are that I am jealous?  Because I need some?

(Her taking Xanax is clearly about me, people.  Isn’t everything?)

So, yeah, I might have left a comment demanding some of her stash and that is the 2nd sign that I am in a bad mood.

What I have come to realize lately, actually mostly because of this-here blog, is that I am angry.  I call it “ornery”, because I’m southern, but really, I am just angry.  And I am not sure what to do about it!  

And I’m not sure why.



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