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WordPress does NOT like me, plus, the other stuff I meant to post…

So after my super long post yesterday wherein I actually tried to offer up something useful to a portion of the internet viewing public, my blog was deactivated!  They thought I was a spammer!  Or a spy!  Or a major violator of somethingorother!

I am dangerous.

For 12 hours.  Until they fixed it.

I was going to include the below in my last post, by why on earth would I put two very long and very separate topics in one post???  Silly me.

Meanwhile, it occurs to me that I need some career changes.  I really really do not want to work 7 days a week anymore.  I am tired of the stress and the chaos and the lack of sleep.  I want to garden and craft and write and cook and watch movies.  I do not want to spend all my time living and breathing real estate.  I do a lot of different real estate activities:  sales (listings and buyers), leasing and management, foreclosure listing, and home staging.  I am always working on something.  When I get a break from one thing, I have to do one of the other things.  I don’t want to do this anymore.  Three years ago I came back to real estate sales from a year-long hiatus.  Two and half years ago I started rentals right about the same time I got pulled back into staging.  And two years ago I started listing foreclosures for a major (failing) institution.  I have spent the last two years in a constant, spinning juggle of my various avenues of income.  And I sure as shit haven’t been getting rich.

Not that rich is what I’m aiming to be.  I just want to make a living.  A decent living where the bills get paid.  My version of  a decent living is probably nothing at all what you think it is.  I do not need designer things.  I do not need new cars.  I do not need a big house.

I don’t really even want those things.  I could give two shits about designer clothes.  I like what I like.  If I like something enough, I’ll save for it.  I have had about 13 cars in my lifetime – 3 of which were brand new, off the lot.  I enjoyed the new cars, but I do not consider them to have been wise investments.  Every other car has been used and purchased with cash, ranging from $300 to $7,000.  They have been good enough for me.  (Although I do love a seat-warmer.)  I just downsized from a bigger house at the ripe old age of 41 because I don’t have kids and I prefer efficiency over excess.

I have only been getting by in real estate most of the time because I simply cannot be what you have to be in real estate to reach the top.  I am good at what I do and I know more than most of the agents I work with, but you have to lose part of your soul to be very good at sales.  I refuse.  So where does that leave me?

I have been turning it over in my mind for months and months.  I really cannot figure out the best course of action.  Whenever I access a stream of income, I am super reluctant to let it go.  You never know where the hell your next paycheck is coming from and goodness knows my hubs isn’t make much money right now.  That said, not all of my streams of income are generating much money.  Home staging is fun, but it barely makes enough to pay the rent on the warehouse, much less put money into my household coffers.

And sales… oh good lord.  Sales are really challenging and they hardly ever happen during normal business hours, if you know what I mean.  Buyers ALWAYS want your weekends.  So even if you are working a listing, you’re likely negotiating the contract on the weekend.  I don’t mind that so much, but I get so tired of the last-minute, let’s go see a house 400 miles away, from buyers.  And they all clump up.  They telepathically know when everyone is trying to get a piece of me and so they jump into the melee demanding some of my time, as well.  Of course, the paychecks are better for sales.  Much better.

And rentals.  Sigh oh sigh, rentals.  They are dramatic and aggravating as all get out.  But they bring in money every single month and provide frequent little bumps of pay.  You can’t get rich on them unless you own a company and have employees and shit, so I don’t know about all that.  But they keep the cell phone on and gas in the car.  They are an unfortunate steady drip of work to be done, though.  There is never a quiet time with rentals.  Something is always broken. Someone is always behind on their rent.  Someone is always moving out or in.  I could not survive without them, though.  I would already have had to pack it in.

Lastly, foreclosure listings.  Wow.  Shit ton of work, teeny tiny return.  Great resume-builder, though.  And it’s possible that my partner in that business will drop out soon, leaving me large and in charge (and getting the lion’s share of the return, so tiny upgrades to small).

What the fuck to do, interweb.  What the fuck to do.



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