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Things I am eating… not necessarily why.

You know I’m trying to be healthier, because I’m sure you read all my extra long posts full of, you know, words, so I will not get into the details exactly, but I have started trying out some of the supplements I have been reading about in my various sources.

For instance, these folks recommend taking probiotics and enzymes every day.  I bought and read J. Michael Zenn’s book and while it was not a perfect piece of self-help, I did enjoy it.  It was very nice to read a book about food where the author actually discusses supplements.  Most of the “real” food or “slow” food authors are fanatics about their subjects and somewhat purist.  Zenn is more like a normal person who is doing the best he can given the limitations of modern life.  So he shops at Whole Foods (rather than tracking down local farmers or something) and he takes supplements to fill in the gaps, because, frankly, we cannot all eat three giant salads a day, which is (almost) what some folks suggest.

Now, I do have the potential to become a fanatic and I do think we should get our nutrients primarily from food, but despite my ample size and hearty appetite, I cannot eat 26 fruits and veggies a day with some nuts and proteins thrown in for good measure.  I just can’t.  Besides, I have to work for a living.  I really do have to limit my food prep to 1 hour a day…

So, I started a few supplements.  Here is what I am taking right now:

Green Vibrance:  the one I take is a small tub of powdered green stuff.  It is supposed to provide probiotics, enzymes, nutrients, etc.  It is supposed to support overall better health by providing these things, the main benefit of which is healthier digestion.

Some people say that a large percentage of your immune system’s health lies in the health of your intestines, and I do believe it.  So now I am testing that theory.

Now Enzymes:  So I am also taking these guys.  You hear about probiotics a lot, but I hear digestive enzymes help, as well.  Makes sense to me.  Lots of things have seemed to make sense over the years (hello? doctors CHOOSE camels??), so maybe it’s b.s., but like with the Green Vibrance, I am testing the theory.

Aloe Vera Gel:  as a food supplement, not as a topical.  Well.  What can it hurt, right?

Vitamin D3:  this is the one supplement all the experts agree we should be taking every day, without fail.  The only exception is if you spend the whole day outside getting a lot of sun.  You can skip it on those days.

Low Dose Aspirin:  because it doesn’t do much harm and most experts think they add protection for your heart.  There is some debate that it also has cancer preventative qualities, as well, and we know it works in facial masks to help skin problems, so why not?  Besides, I get these bad boys super cheap with my coupons and have thousands on hand.

Cod Liver Oil capsules:  (or fish oil or krill oil or whatever I happen to have on hand) because Omega 3 is another one the experts give the nod.  I keep a steady supply of these on hand because these I can also get relatively inexpensively and they cannot hurt.   I know for sure I do not get enough fish and pastured food so where else am I going to get the necessary omega 3?

And lastly, a host of other supplements that I either already have on hand or thought I would give a shot.  My B-12 is low, so natch, I’ll be taking those.  My thyroid is pokey, and apparently there’s a supplement for that.  My iron is sometimes low because of some gynecological problems, but I don’t like iron pills so these are only occasional.  Vitamin C because it’s hard to get enough of it when you aren’t eating a lot of fresh stuff.  Etcetera.

So I have been taking the probiotics and enzymes for three or four days and I was starting to think they were pointless.  I mean, not only was my bathroom experience NOT more pleasant, I have been constipated.  That is not at all what I anticipated.  However, I am happy to report that they appear to be working like billions of tiny little champs right now… I am pretty sure I’ve lost about 5 pounds today taking care of business on the pot.  And it’s vaguely green, so I think I can identify the main player at work here.

Also, I slept really good last night.  I mean, sleep is heaven kind of good.  Nothing hurt, no waking up 15 times, no nothing.  I didn’t get enough sleep, of course, but that isn’t the fault of the supplements.  That is the fault of me not going to bed when I should.

Anyway.  In case you were wondering.



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