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I need some change, plus trying to switch to ecigs.

I am a smoker.  I have been a smoker for 18 or so years.


And I seriously do want to quit, but lord god almighty in heaven above is that ever hard to do.  So, as an intermediary step, and because thank goodness they have been invented, I am switching to electronic cigarettes.  I got a V2 Ecig a while back, but it did not work for me quite as well as I had hoped.  I tried again recently with GreenSmoke and it works better for me.  It works well enough that I have actually gone a couple days with a real cigarette!  And without beating someone violently!

That is, of course, because I am still smoking!  I’m just smoking weird tasting chemicals and water.  It is the same, but different.  I get the delivery of nicotine through a familiar means and I actually do enjoy my little smoking devices, but it doesn’t feel quite the same in terms of satisfying a cigarette craving.  It will do, though.  I admit that I am bouncing back and forth between real and ecigs.  And when I find myself with no charged-up cigs, it is a done deal – I am going to the store.  The more I use the ecig, though, the less I cough.

Plus, the less I stink.  And the less I create ashes and filth.  So that is a major bonus.

I am certain that ecigs are not healthy.  There are a couple of questionable chemicals in these suckers and the vapor feels weird so that can’t be good.  But there is no way in hell they are worse than continuing to smoke real cigarettes, even organic ones.

I hope to make the change to only e’s and, after I’ve gotten entirely comfortable, start downgrading the amount of nicotine.

In the meantime, in the interest of contributing something to the internet world, I am going to “review” the ecigs that I have tried.

I will start out by saying that at this particular point in time, I am not interested in mixing my own liquids.  Mostly because I don’t know how that works and haven’t had time to research it in anyway.

After a fair amount of research online about which brands were the most popular, highest rated, most positively reviewed, I ordered the V2 several months ago.  It has a nice, sleek design and I do really like the stainless body.  And I prefer the non-traditional cigarette colors of the cartomizers.  It produces a nice amount of vapor and they cartridges taste good.  In fact, in the flavor category, I prefer their flavors to the others.  Especially the coffee flavor.  It sounds weird, but dudes, it’s like coffee and a cigarette in one.  If they could throw some caffeine in that bad boy… whew.   And not to get too jargony, the throat hit on the V2 is okay.  It is not fabulous.

I tried a truck stop ecig.  It was a no-name piece of crap.  It tasted terrible and I could not envision even a moment of smoking it over real cigs.

I tried the Blu disposable, also.  It wasn’t bad at all.  It was, however, expensive.  It had a good throat hit, a lot of vapor, and decent flavor, although nowhere near as good as the V2.  Since I liked the Blu disposable so well, that inspired me to go back to the research drawing board.  At this point, I was armed with more personal experience with ecigs and thought a second look might lead me to trying one of the brands I had passed over in favor of the V2.  Now that I knew what “throat hit” really meant and had some comparisons on vapor amounts and flavors, I once again dismissed non-disposable Blu ecigs.  The interwebs really don’t care much for the Blus.  These things aren’t cheap enough to throw all caution to the wind, you know?

I decided to try GreenSmoke.  I have had the GreenSmoke ecig for a couple of months.  It was a good choice.  It has the best vapor, the best throat hit, and the flavors are almost as good as V2.  And let’s face it, flavor is something that needs to serve a purpose, but for me, it is not the end-all be-all for smoking.  I want nicotine delivery and I want to not suffer too much for ditching the real cigs.

(By the way, in the ecig world, folks like to call real cigarettes “analogs” and smoking ecigs “vaping”.  Dumb and dumber, respectively.)

Let’s talk price!

V2 is fairly affordable.  Their batteries and the cartridges are less expensive than GreenSmoke by about 15 – 20%.

Disposables are absolutely NOT the way to go if you care about the cost, so reserve those for emergencies only.  I mean, don’t get me wrong, I will elbow some bitches at the store to get one if I absolutely cannot smoke the real ones and all my ecigs are lost or dead, but they are not an enduring solution to the smoking problem.

GreenSmoke is pretty pricey, but that said, they have a lot of battery options and a super cool USB ecig that you can smoke while it’s plugged in.  I do NOT want anyone to see me smoking it, but I’ll be damned if that isn’t super convenient for times when I am at the computer.  The biggest thorn in the ecig rose is battery life, because if you smoke you know that when you need a hit of nic, you need it right then.  Not hours later after your battery is charged.  So USB is cool.    And although GreenSmoke doesn’t have the cheapest possible batteries or cartridges, they are still considerably less than smoking real ones.  Once you recoup your up-front cost, the ongoing smoking price of cartridges is about 25% that of real cigarettes.  That is pretty serious savings for folks who have been throwing away $5 or $6 a day to feed their habits.  That’s about $10 or $11 a week, if you want to do the math.

So, overall & price are covered.  Let’s talk about batteries:

My V2 won’t make it through a day of use.  I let it charge all night.  I do not know if that is correct or not, but it’s all I am willing to do.  I cannot set timers or go check on charging things or even remember to care about such things.  I need to plug it in and worry about it again in the morning.  So, it charges 5 to 9 hours, depending, and it quits on me about 8 hours later.  I am ALWAYS awake longer than 8 hours, and most often, more like 16 to 19 hours.  So getting me through half a day isn’t really cutting it.

The truck stop ecig lasted… who knows?  I threw it away.

The Blu disposable ecig lasted one and half days and couldn’t be charged or have a new cartridge put on it.

My GreenSmoke batteries last almost the entire day, depending on my use of them.  Since most of their kits come with more than one battery or a battery and a USB cig, you are pretty much covered.  As long as you remember to plug the little m’f’ers in.

And lastly, how long do the cartridges last?

V2 cartridges last a day for me.  So that’s 1 pack = 1 day.

The Blu disposable lasted a day and a half, so that’s 30 real cigs.

My GreenSmokes last more than a day – probably a day and a half each.  So that’s 30 cigs a cartridge, hence part of the savings over real cigs.

So there you go.  I prefer my GreenSmokes.  I certainly have kept the V2 and I charge it and use it, but mostly as a back up or if I want a different flavor occasionally.

Hey, look – internet – I contributed!



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