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Oh interwebs… or, why I need to not work for a living

Never, and I do mean never, bounce a check that is cashed at a check cashers. Those people are SERIOUS about collecting their money. I mean, I haven’t ever done that, but MY 83 YEAR OLD FATHER IN LAW HAS. Just sayin.

I have been saving empty toilet paper and paper towel rolls. Let that simmer…. done? Okay, so the interweb gives info and I like to take it. Allegedly, you can turn old TP rolls into seed starter pots that biodegrade once you plant them, so I spent an hour this evening snipping rolls and folding them into pots. I am ready to start my (very expensive) organic salad seeds! I hope to grow mesclun mix, parsley, simpson lettuce, spinach, arugula, and whatever I have left over from last year (nasturtium and whatnot). I will, and I promise this, include pictures in the future of this tiny adventure, but for now all I have is cut up TP rolls in a wine box. It’s not exactly glamorous.

Oh what the hell. Hold on. Let me take a damn picture. BRB


THERE.  Are you happy, now?

I did not bother making them perfect or even taking the rest of the TP off.  I mean, I hope they deteriorate into nothingness after a while, so who cares?  This ain’t no beauty pageant.

I hope it turns out, though.  I grew arugula two years ago that was awesome and that we actually ate a few times.  If I can grow some salads, that’s one less thing to buy.  Of course, at this point, I would have to grow about 10 bags of salad to recoup what I have spent on seeds plus what I will spend on dirt.  (Buying dirt. Seriously, it’s weird.)  But I just love the idea of growing food.  On a small scale, of course.  I’m reading a book about someone who farms and I gotta tell you – that shit sounds like way too much work.  For a fat, lazy, city girl, anyway.

Anyway, if it works out, who knows what I might do?  I mean, a wine box or two of plants isn’t exactly a garden, but maybe a garden is next?  Hubs is not overly enthused at the idea of gardening so I would surely be on my own with the whole thing.  I take care of two grown men, 7 pets, 4 jobs and (almost) myself.  Is there room for a garden in there?  Doubt it.

But fuck it, Ima try anyway.

That’s it for now, nonexistent readers.



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