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Lucky 13?

2013.  Good luck or bad luck?

I am betting on good and acting accordingly!

I have so many resolutions that the only real strategy that I have for this year is to do the best I can.  All the time.  I am trying to be cleaner, more frugal, more organized, more on top of things..  blah blah.  I have spent so many years feeling defeated by so many things that as much as I love to organize and clean and be on top of things, I really do not operate to my fullest potential.  Oh, and I work too much.  Way, way too much.

With my husband working evenings so often and with a vow I made some months ago to work less, I am finally feeling like I have enough time to actually DO stuff.

And do stuff, I am!  For instance, I have been putting off dealing with a major problem.. you know, something that sounds a lot like schmaxes… for so long that it has turned into the voracious stress monster that threatens to consume my whole life.  And HAS, in fact, consumed my fear machine for a really long time.  But those days are about to be over.  I have finally buckled down and do intend to deal with this issue… regardless of the very-much-dreaded consequences.  I am almost there.  Contact has been made, work has been nearly finished, and appointments are about to be set.  The dragon is about to be slayed.

I am so committed to this conquering this beast that I’ve even decided to get the jump on it for lucky 2013.  So, I can proudly say, my system is in place and the first 12 days of the year are DONE.  Take that procrastination.  Right in the sack.

I learned, with one of my businesses, that there are software tools out there that can really help you keep the money & paper beast under control if you will invest the time and energy (and yes, a small amount of money) up front.  I refuse to backslide, at work or personally, on these issues anymore.  In fact, anyone who doesn’t wish to get on board with my plan that ought to is being asked to bow out.  So, head’s up.. if you work with me or live with me or do any sort of business with me, you better get your bucks in a row. Because mine are and if yours aren’t, we’re done talking.

Also, for the record, we sold our much bigger house (for less than we could have, had we waited) because we thought a smaller, more efficient house would be better.  We were right.  We picked a house that could meet some of our somewhat unusual needs and chose to focus our initial efforts in the house on things that encouraged better efficiency, more energy efficiency, and overall compatibility with our lifestyle.  Our house is not perfect by such a long stretch that we look like slackers, but we’re not, I swear.  I mean, if we had thousands of dollars to invest in it, there is a lot we would do, but what we DID do is working.

An example, you ask?  Okay!

We have cats.  We love our cats!  However, we do not love living with litter boxes and cat hair and scratched up furniture.  Honestly, our cats are so much more destructive and messy than our dogs.  When we were house shopping, one of our highest priorities was either a screened-in porch or a porch that could become screened in.  For the cats.  When we saw the house we live in the first time, we knew we were going to try to buy it as soon as we saw the porch.


Cats are scratchy, though, so we went ahead and took the screened in porch a bit further and wrapped the screened areas in chicken wire.  Voila!  Then we cut a hole in the side of our house and put in a cat door so the cats could come and go from the porch at will.  We no longer live with litter boxes in the house, the cats (especially two of them) spend tons of time on the porch and are much happier, there is far less hair in the house, and as a bonus, we also enjoy the porch constantly when the weather is nice.  Yes, we do have to clean the porch, too, but somehow, the litter and hair are a lot less offensive on a porch.

Unusual need 1:  met.

Another example, you ask?  Okay!  I hate clutter (i.e. not my decorations of which there is a lot, but nothing else!)  My husband, on the other hand, would live in a TGIFriday’s given the chance and keeps every damn thing he thinks is neat or cool or sentimental.  Therefore, we have large storage needs:  me for stashing everything that can be construed as clutter, my husband for stashing everything he has no business keeping but keeps anyway.  I believe, in this house, we have finally established some balance between his clutteriness and my anticlutteriness.  The house is now almost entirely about function, with some attempts at “cute” layered on top and the storage is ample.

I WILL be applying a layer of organization to the storage, at some point, and I will not allow that shit to get out of control… battles to be fought with the husband, but at least we don’t have to live with the battle in our living room.

This house came with spacious closets for it’s few rooms (we only have 2 bedrooms!), but it also came with a garage and a HUGE, unfinished attic.  We spent the money and installed organizers in all the closets so what’s inside, functions beautifully, and everything else heads up or out.  JOY!

But unusual need 2: met.

I will not regale bore you with anymore about this crap.  I just wanted to share that bigger is not always better – what’s best is really analyzing how you live and purchasing something that suits it.



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