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You know, every time I start a blog, I agonize over comments.  One time, with one particular blog, I had comments and followers (not a whole bunch, but enough to be encouraging) and all that jazz.  But you know, as soon as you put a face on the audience, you lose sight of yourself.  At least, I do.

Tonight, coincidentally, I read two things on the www about comments/blogs.  I read this [wonderful] post on The Oatmeal.  He pretty much sums up the double-edged sword that is comments.  And I read another post [which I cannot currently locate – sorry – but I will keep looking and post the link eventually] in which the blogger says there are two kinds of blog styles: art & conversational.  Art blogs are for viewing/reading/perusing, but not for commenting and conversational blogs are for commenting. Because the blogger wants a conversation!

So I don’t know if I want monologue or dialogue, but as you can see comments are enabled on this site.  I am not conceited enough to expect folks will read this blog or comment on it, however the option is there.  I do reserve the option to NOT read comments, though.  Just like I never display any of my arts or crafts for the public.  Okay, well I did twice.  But those are separate posts for other days.  And it wasn’t my fault the first time, because my husband signed me up.  Anyway, most of the time, I paint what I paint or craft what I craft and it stays in my house until I get tired of looking at it and then it gets trashed.  Can’t exactly do that with a blog, but I’ve come close, ie, I have abandoned more blogs than you have even read.  HA!


Update:  the blog discussing conversational vs art blogs is here!


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