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What Fresh Hell

Department of Driver Services…. 3 hour wait for license renewal and I can only get a “temporary” license which will expire in 120 days. Thus ensuring that I will have to return and wait again soon. Also ensuring that I will be forced to go to social security and get a new card issued since mine was stolen about 6 years ago. Which just goes to show both how utterly useless the card is and how totally lazy I am. And frankly, I am so convinced the apocalpyse is coming (one way or another) that I actually stood at the DDS “Welcome to Hell” desk and calculated how long I thought I could get away with not having a license at all. Not long enough, I am afraid, so I get to spend at least 10 hours of my remaining time sitting in various government issued waiting rooms and reading/rollr-ing/texting/dying inside. This is really not awesome. And I have so much work to do this afternoon that I feel like firing clients just so I can go to bed early. Not happy. Not even remotely happy.


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