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Minor alternative health obsession…

So reading the book about wheat (and how one should not eat it), kind of got me on a kick about alternative research and health.  Not the “I stare at the sun instead of eat” level of alternative, (which IS, actually, a THING, by the way) but more the “things to try just by way of experiment” alternative.

By the way, I did not give up wheat, yet.  I actually did give it up for 3 days (not hard, actually) and I really think I noticed some differences in how I felt, but we have a kitchen full of food to eat as I am not willing to just throw perfectly good food away.  Plus, I am a terrible cook with very limited skills and succesful recipes.  So the new game plan, since I’ve also watched a documentary about going “whole foods” (not the store, but the type of foods) and am intrigued by it, as well, is that I am going to begin the long, arduous process of finding recipes and learning to cook them.  Since I am not much of a cook, and since my husband would eat meat, bread, potatoes, and dessert at every single meal and will be a very hard convert, I think my best plan of action is to try 2 or 3 new recipes a week (vegan & wheat-free) to see if I can even find enough recipes to keep us happy and satisfied.

This whole thing goes hand in hand with our recent turn to meal planning and targeted grocery shopping.  We never have food in our house.  I mean, we have food, but none of it makes a meal without a trip to the grocery store and every single day was a struggle to put together a breakfast, lunch and dinner.  Even snacks could be a challenge, and that’s with a full fridge and pantry.  I don’t know how it’s possible, but pasta with no sauce, a can of green beans, a head of lettuce and a popsicle don’t really a meal make.  Know what I mean?  I also have a bit of an obsession with coupons (yes, coupons) and so while I can fill a pantry, it might be with 6 bottles of BBQ sauce and 12 jars of pickles.  Because at $.15 a piece, I didn’t see a reason NOT to buy them if we’ll eat them eventually.  The coupon thing is a whole ‘nother post and one that I will get to eventually.

Anyway, back to meal planning.

The total lack of planning for meals left us in a continual aggravated dance of “what the hell are we going to do about dinner?”.  My long work hours left a lot of the decision making and cooking up to my husband, so meals were often large slabs of meat picked up at the grocery store and mounds of potatoes, and while it all tasted good – it just started to wear me down.  I don’t really want to eat that much meat, certainly not with nothing else but a starch, and my palate was seriously missing other foods.  And as I’ve said before, I’ve got health problems, a terrible metabolism, and a serious weight issue.  I am also a teeny bit concerned that I may die in the next 5 to 10 years from it.  Seriously afraid, not just casually hypochondriacal.  Since the hubs and I have pretty much argued about his steadfast refusual to consider going meatless every so often or eating more healthily (he agrees, but then ignores it), and since I work 14 hours a day, we have fought over this issue a number of times.

I don’t do repetition of discussions too well.  I don’t do repetition too well with anything.

So I performed a hostile takeover of the meal planning (or lack thereof) and true to form for me, I created a meal-grid and a customized (color-coded) grocery checklist of all the crap we normally buy and instituted a new policy.  I figure out the meals for the week (with some consulations with my hubby) and based on the week’s meals, I check off the appropriate boxes on the grocery list.  He goes and gets it.

I gotta say, it works great!  For me, anyway.  Not that hubby would tell me if he didn’t think it was great, but as far as I’m concerned, fewer “what are we gonna do for dinner” convos and fewer feelings of “wtf. eating meat with a side of meat again?” and generally having crap in the house that can make a meal, seems like a pretty successful experiment.  And I can resent him less for helping to contribute to my early death.  I don’t blame him for my food choices, don’t get me wrong, but he is the pickiest person you will ever meat (Freudian slip that I am leaving in) and there are legions of food items and food groups that are NOT on the menu, so there’s only about 5 things that he appears to want to eat which is so limiting that of the 6 things I know how to make, only 2 are acceptable.  Combined with his much shorter work week, better skills in the kitchen, and his lack of interest in yard work or house work… there you have it.

Even still – my plan is to try the new recipes, make them, and if that works out – great.  I will now have more items in the repetoire and will be making my contribution to the meals.

Food food food.  Sigh.  You gotta have it.  Most people would think that a fat person would be food obsessed and eating all the time, but I am definitely not.  I forget to eat most days until dinner time.  I really could care less what I eat.  I will eat meat with a side of meat if that’s what he makes, because I figure he who cooks it – decides it.   Right?  But the 4 years we’ve been together have me bigger, fatter, and sicker, and I’m tired of it.  I have no choice.  I have to work less so I can spend more time eating.

You heard me.

Since I can’t decide whether I should go vegan, or wheat free, or gluten free or pescetarian, or stop worrying about it and just eat normally (but with actual meals and snacks throughout the day and less really bad stuff), my plan is to rely on my choice in new recipes to learn  and to lead me down a path that works for us.  If a recipe sounds good, appears generally healthy (based on my opinion, if not on actual fact), and seems like something the hubby may possibly eat, then I’ll learn it.  How can it hurt?  And until my personal research and discovery makes me feel certain I know the path, it will have to do.

So that’s the food thing in my life.

Here’s another thing:

As a smoker and coffee drinker (I know I know – please don’t say it), I have some pretty stained teeth.  They aren’t frightening or anything, but they aren’t pretty.  I’ve tried whitening strips – they make my teeth hurt and are gross, really.  I’ve tried dentist-sold whitening trays/chemicals – disappointing and expensive.  I even tried an hour in a chair at Sams Club getting a treatment (reasonably effective, but not long-lasting and expensive even on sale).  I decided to ditch all the “sold” remedies and started swishing with hydrogen peroxide.  I haven’t been to a dentist in about 10 years, which sucks, and I have some bad dental issues brewing and figured peroxide couldn’t hurt.  It actually works pretty well!  I even dip my little toothpick flossers (purchased for dirt cheap with coupons) in it when flossing and that has worked a little bit, too.

My results were good enough that I researched some home remedy options and landed on the good old-fashioned baking soda & peroxide combo and let me tell you what… that actually works!  Wet a mound of baking soda with peroxide, GENTLY brush your teeth with it for two minutes, and voila… my teeth are quite a bit whiter after only doing it 3 times.  Keeper!

But when I say brush gently, I do mean it.  I used my natural vigorous brushing method the first time and my gums told me all about it for a few hours.

The next thing I’m going to try….  oil pulling.  Go ahead, read about it.  It’s freaky and really unbelievable for a generally rational person, but what the hell can it hurt?

First oil pulling experiment will be tonight.

I should also post about the other goofy things I’m trying.  Lord, I love the internet.  Sooo much to try on the internet.



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