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Try this again.

Okay, no one is actually interested in what a boring, middle aged woman living in a boring suburb leading a boring married life is doing.  This, I understand.  That said, I really can’t see any harm in having a repository of the crap that I am so moved to document.

Here’s what I am up to right now as a snapshot:

Just got some plants into containers along the front walkway.  This was pretty much the only thing I was even remotely excited to do in the past three weeks.  I planted two sweet yellow pepper plants, one green bell pepper plant, some german thyme, one tomato plant (can you even plant these as singles??), rosemary, radish seed, nasturtium seeds, and a teeny amount of leaf lettuce seed.  I also planted one planter of succulents and one flowery plant for my husband who supports anything I do without question, but did wonder why none of the plants had any color….  Okay, so I am trying to plant useful stuff, edible stuff.  I’m a practical person.  I have to admit, though, that the flowers do add some character and something pretty to look at amongst all the leafy things.

I’ll take a picture and post it for posterity, but my ancient iPhone takes craptastic pictures.  The lens is scratched, fogged and somehow tinted slightly blue.  It’s like the old fashioned way to Instagram…  scratch the motherlovin’ shit out of your lens and snap away!  And I’m too lazy to use a camera, retrieve the pictures from the card, etc etc.

I’m waiting for the newest, bigger iPhone.  I hate a tiny screen.  I seriously would consider that giant 7″ phone, but I cannot be bothered to switch user interfaces.  I was going to say “I can’t be bothered right now”, but let’s be honest.  Not right now, not ever.  Someone is going to have to give me a really strong reason to learn a new interface, that’s all I am saying.

Also, I am contemplating giving up wheat.  Right, THAT bandwagon.  But seriously, I am overweight, pre-diabetic or diabetic (hard to know if you don’t have health insurance and don’t go to doctors), and sick of it.  I refuse to go on a diet.  I refuse to join a gym.  I refuse to cave on these two issue regardless of the ample pressure from friends, media, well-meaning professionals and anyone else who wants/tries/insists on advising me to do so.  I have PCOS, self-diagnosed for 10 years before I could get a doctor to actually diagnose it, and I’ve decided, rightly or wrongly, that doctors don’t know shit and since they are the source of all medical media… screw ’em.  We’re all going to die.  I am not in any way gluten intolerant.  I have an English friend who gave up gluten like 10 years ago and said it was great and while I ignored him at the time, I do know him to be, like, RIGHT about everything so it stuck in my craw where it has stayed forever.  Consequently, I am reading a book about it (Wheat Belly) and the author has me fairly convinced.  But I am going to give up wheat.  As an experiment.   I will let you know what happens.

I am getting a haircut & color today so it’s time to take my once a week shower!  Okay, I shower way more often than that, but never so religiously as when I go to get my haircut.  I just can’t have my friend/hairdresser clock my slovenly ways by examining a greasy, haircut-needing head.  Who needs judgement with their foils?

Not me, y’all.  Not me.


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